Interim management

Change is the only constant. These words of Drucker are today even more current than ever before. Contemporary organizations cannot afford to maintain the status quo. And even in situations where managers choose the path of balanced growth, and to the changes and to different types of experiments in management they approach with caution, there can take place events that could cause serious perturbations in the functioning of the organization. In general, most problems occur when we have to do among other thing with:
  • reorganization or restructuring,
  • crisis situation
  • a merger of companies,
  • temporary absence of a suitable candidate for the position of senior manager or a long absence,
  • implementation of a very large and complex project,
  • profound changes,
  • weaker economic situation.
Each of these situations, although different, may require help from an external expert. Often it is simply a consulting company. However, the best in above-mentioned situations works the so-called: Interim Management.
We recommend using our services of Executive Interim Management - EIM ®. Our method is the most modern and one of the most effective ways of solving the most specific problems of management. It consists in giving to the Client for the duration of the task of the expert who has years of experience and sometimes unique competencies, through which it is possible to complete the task. Our experts are experienced managers, practicing the so-called business management and taking into implementation projects related to the recovery of business or performing of organization through a difficult period. An important advantage of the Interim Manager, compared with an external consultant, is that he bears full responsibility for the results of his work. He leaves the Client’s company only then when the realized by him project is completed, the results are satisfactory for the Customer, and the Interim Manager position is adopted by a new manager/director, who shall be forwarded to all the duties, knowledge and tools used in the project. Our service EIM ® is implemented in two versions:
Nasza usługa EIM® jest realizowana w dwóch wersjach:
  • Interim Management – at the disposal of the Customer available is employed by us top-rated project manager for the duration of the project.
  • Management Outsourcing - Client is supported by appropriately chosen to the task consultant or team of consultants.
Key benefits of our approach are:
  • lower costs compared to typical advisory services,
  • the opportunity to work with the best, with specific competences, specialists in the market,
  • absence of employment relationship and related to it achievements,
  • time collaboration closely adapted to the implementation of the task,
  • saving time and resources,
  • the speed and professionalism in action,
  • lack of necessity for investment in training sometimes very costly,
  • acquisition of knowledge and learning from the expert. 
Interim Management Awards 2009
In January 2009 in London, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President of Simple Solution has received for its work, the prestigious Interim Management Awards 2009 in the category of "Highly Commended Merit" for carrying on the European level merger and reorganization of Ivax Pharma with Teva Pharmaceuticals. The competition was open to over 3,000 Interim Managers from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and finally awarded 8 people.
Interim Management Awards Prize is awarded annually by an independent organization focusing Interim Managers - Intramezzo - based in London. It is awarded in several categories for the best managers from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, dealing with temporary management. To the contest takes several thousand of Interim Managers and their achievements are judged by a team of independent experts.